Patio Paving Services

Patio areas are the place where you go to relax and enjoy the peace of your home. Every patio is unique not only because of the of the garden area surrounding it and how it blends in but also the maintenance of it. Some people like having a decked area where they can relax and feel the warmth of the wood. However with this effect also comes the yearly costs of maintenance and the effort of cleaning it, re-staining it and the constant fight against moss. If your one of these people who like the idea of a beautiful peaceful patio but don’t want the effort and cost of maintaining it, we recommend one of our other options. Have you thought about picking a concrete product like patio paving?

Our expert team at O’Brien Paving Dublin can lay anything – from Indian Sandstone, York stone and patio paving, to limestone, slate and bespoke paving.

A fantastic and long lasting alternative to decking, patio paving is easy to maintain – it just needs an occasional jet wash, long lasting – it will last as long as your house, good to look at and can increase the value of your property. With our experience and know how, we’ll make sure that your paving project is managed, organised and completed on time.